first trading experience was an example of how one should not do it. I lost my deposit in a couple of days. Then there was a two-year break. Once I decided to jump at the offer to attend the Olymp Trade training webinar.

At the webinar, I noticed one oddity: the analyst was constantly changing the trade amounts. In the meantime, he explained that after a losing trade, he increased the amount of the next one by 2.5 times. This approach helps traders get out of the drawdown because the yield of a successful trade will fill the loss.

This way of managing financial risk is called a loss compensation system or the martingale system.
I realized that the more attempts to make a successful deal I make, the higher my chances of getting a profit are.

But I decided to look for a less costly way to get more funds for trading without spending my own money. Bonuses were the answer to this question.
Unlike other brokers, Olymp Trade offers really profitable bonuses — here are the reasons why:
All the profits one gets when trading and using bonuses can be withdrawn without problems.

Unlike other brokers, Olymp Trade imposes no strict conditions for trade turnover.
You can withdraw your money at any time.
I spent a lot of time getting to grips with the Olymp Trade bonuses, so I decided to write this article on my experience. I would like to share it because this approach allowed me to start earning. I hope that having read the article, you will be able to boost your trading performance.

What does a bonus mean?
A bonus is the money that a company provides traders with under certain conditions. This sum cannot be withdrawn, but you can use it to earn with no time restrictions.
I created my first Olymp Trade account in 2016. Then, I deposited $500 and received extra $150 as a bonus. This is a standard deposit bonus, but now there are various types of promotions for traders.

Below, I will tell you about what is interesting about each type of the platform’s bonuses:
• The most profitable Olymp Trade bonus is the best option for those who prefer the martingale system.
• The most available bonus increases the chances of success and allows you to get a VIP status.
• For the most active ones — Olymp Trade provides promo codes, which can be used by the social media community members to get extra bonuses.

The most profitable
After my first experience in 2016, I did not trade for a very long time, since I spent $650 (my own $500 and a $150 bonus) on losing trades. In early 2019, I created a new account and I was lucky to receive a welcome bonus — Olymp Trade now provides all new users with a bonus in the amount of their first deposit!

A company representative said that such conditions apply to any deposit amount from $10 to $200, but this bonus has quite an unpleasant time limit. It is valid for 60 minutes and for one use only. As you can understand, I managed to use it.
I recommend you use this opportunity!
The thing is if you deposit $200 and get a $200 bonus, you can use this amount with several martingale options.

In the first variant, you have 7 attempts to make a successful trade with the starting amount of $1! From my own experience, I must say that I never lost 7 trades in a row.
In the second variant, you have 6 attempts to make a successful trade. It’s worth using if you do not assume that there can be a recurring order in the losing trade sequence.
If you choose the third variant, you will only have 5 attempts. It is supposed to suit attentive and disciplined traders.

Bonuses make your trading account stronger.
I have significantly increased my deposit over two months. Here is my typical trading scheme: the first three deals caused a drawdown of $1275. The loss was completely offset by the fourth trade. I also managed to keep my balance positive by earning $525.

I could not even dream of earning $500 a day. And this would not have been possible without the Olymp Trade bonuses.
The most available
Throughout your career as a trader on the Olymp Trade platform, you get bonuses for depositing your account. The amount of bonus depends on the amount of money you deposit. A minimum bonus of 10% will be credited to your account if you make a deposit of $30 or more.

By the way, a trader gets a VIP status if he or she makes a deposit of $2000 or more. In this case, you will get not only a 30% bonus but also risk-free trades.
A $2600 deposit will increase your chances of success, as soon as the number of attempts to make a profitable trade using the martingale system will increase to 9!

At the same time, if you entirely base your trading on the strategy, the risk of ending up broke is near zero.
For the most active ones
I try to limit my social media activity to devote more time to trading, but if you need a special bonus from Olymp Trade, I recommend that you subscribe to the official communities of the company.

Practice has shown that Olymp Trade quite often holds interesting contests to test traders’ erudition, knowledge of trading and similar things. The company’s customers receive bonuses for participation in these events (especially for winning the contests). The amount of rewards is usually around 30%, but larger bonuses are also given.
In addition, the company often congratulates traders on holidays. As a rule, they publish posts with a special one-day Olymp Trade bonus code, which can be entered when funding an account.

You can learn about all major activities and promo codes on Olymp Trade’s official Facebook page. Consider subscribing to it not to miss your chance!
Rules on the use of bonuses
The most important thing one should know is that in case of losing trades, one first spends one’s own money and then the bonus. I had an idea to deposit my account, get a bonus, try to earn and withdraw money if I fail. The member of the support team told me that this option was not possible.

I had to learn how to trade.
There is another important rule: Olymp Trade bonuses automatically burn out if you apply to make a withdrawal. Therefore, try to withdraw funds only when you can get a larger bonus for making another deposit.

For example, if you started trading with $200 and a 100% bonus (the total sum is $400), you’d better withdraw money after you earn $1500. Thus, you can spend $500 on your needs and deposit $1000 to your account. Having deposited $1000, you will get a $300 bonus. That’s what I did.